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How do I join the Stay At Home Choir?

  • You can sign up to sing with us right here on this website!
  • You can sign up to any of our active projects. Click ‘Join Project’, select your project and then click ‘Get Started’ to sign up
  • To join the general mailing list, head to the homepage, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Join Newsletter’

When is a video from a previous project going to be released?

  • We have an ever-growing membership and as a result each video takes our small team slightly longer than the last to produce. We strive to release the highest quality products which truly showcase the talent of our membership, and every care is taken during the production process – this can take time! We send information about developments for previous projects via email, and we also post updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list and following us on social media to keep updated!

I can't see myself in your latest video BUT my name is on the credits!

Although we try to ensure that every face is featured in our videos, with thousands of people submitting for every project it is very tricky to make sure that everyone can see themselves. 

If you can see your name on the credits please don’t worry – you are still on the track and have been included in the project!

How do I make a donation to the Stay At Home Choir?

  • You can donate at the time of registering for a specific project – you will be asked when registering if you would like to make a donation
  • If you choose not to donate upon registration and decide to donate later on, or wish to make a further donation, please head to the page of any previous project (e.g. Kings Singers) and click ‘Donate’ at the top of the page. This will enable you to donate without having to register or re-register for a project.
  • The Stay At Home Choir is run by a small team of just 10 people and we receive no external funding, so any contribution small or large is greatly appreciated by us all and enables us to continue bringing you these projects.

If you would like to donate directly to the overall running of the Stay At Home Choir, please click here

I would like to feature Stay At Home Choir on my TV/Radio show

  • Please email [email protected] with any PR requests.
  • Please include “PR REQUEST” at the start of your email subject.

How can I contact the Stay At Home Choir directly?

  • If this FAQ page has not answered your query, please get in contact with our team
  • Email: [email protected]

Get in touch on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram



Global Armed Man

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How Do I Find The Resources?

  • All the resources for the Armed Man can be found on the ‘Instructions‘ page of our website
  • If the above link does not work for you follow the following steps
  • Go to
  • Click ‘Join a Project’
  • Select the ‘The Global Armed Man’
  • Click ‘Get Started’
  • You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

  • Click ‘Log In’ (Circled in red in the image above)
  • Enter your email address and click ‘log in’
  • Click on ‘Get Instructions’, you’ll be presented with this screen:

  • The resources are at the bottom of the above page, scroll down and you’ll find them

Do I Need to Buy a Score?

What Time Are The Events?

You can convert events to your local time using this Time Zone converter:

What If I Can’t Make An Event?

  • All our events are optional, so please don’t worry if you’re not able to attend.
  • We will record all rehearsals and webinars and they will be available (via links on our website) on our YouTube channel once complete.

Which Movements Will We Cover?

Hymn Before Action



Agnus Dei

Final Chorale

More Information...

Global Social – Meet some of the SAHC team, your fellow members and learn some helpful Zoom tips so you can enter rehearsals feeling confident!

Webinar with Sir Karl – Join us for a session with Karl Jenkins, members of the SAHC and some invited guests, as they discuss The Armed Man and share some tips.

Note: You DO NOT need to book a space to attend this

Rehearsal with Sir Karl – Join Sir Karl Jenkins and our team of professional singers for an upper and lower voices sectional on the Movement of the week.

The Premiere Event

The Premiere Event will feature:

  • The Premieres of the three videos you have recorded in this project
  • Exclusive interviews with Sir Karl Jenkins and special guests
  • The biggest singalong of the Armed Man ever, with footage of your faces from pre-recorded dress rehearsals.

We are poised to announce our partner for this event, and can’t wait to celebrate with you all. 

When is the Premiere Event for the Armed Man?

We have two ‘Save The Dates’ for the Premiere Event:

Sunday 23rd August 18:00 BST
Sunday 6th September 18:00 BST


We are waiting for confirmation from our partner for this event and will confirm the final date ASAP


How will the Premiere Event work?

We will be premiering the three virtual videos that you’ve been recording, interspersed with two singalong movements which we will have rehearsed ready to sing live along to the Armed Man Berlin footage.

Why have you chosen this concept for the performance?

We are always trying to be accessible to our community of singers, and to give everyone fair access to the projects. Many of our membership love the experience of recording submissions, but there are a huge number of people who love the community and love singing, but for whom the prospect of submitting a recording is intimidating or beyond their reach. The Live Sings are intended to give singers a more interactive experience on the night, (flipping between ‘audience member’ and ‘performer’) and will also help those who didn’t submit recordings feel valued and included.

Why Are We Not Recording The Last Two Movements?

The Live-Sing movements are actually Movements 2 and 4. Because this project is leading up to a final performance event where we will be premiering your Virtual Choir videos, we chose to structure the rehearsal process so that the video movements were completed first, to give our editors time to put your videos together ready for the Final Premiere Event. 

Should I sing on my own or can I sing with other people?

You are encouraged to take part as an individual, as with all previous movements. We are a global community, and gathering in groups to sing may be allowed in some areas but not others. Please feel free to do whatever feels best for you, but remember that you must adhere to any local restrictions and social distancing guidelines.

Will you be able to hear us during the live sings?

Unfortunately the technology does not yet exist which would enable us to have everyone singing ‘live’. Instead, we’ll be creating the final performance for the Sanctus and Agnus Dei in two parts.

Firstly, we will be holding a series of ‘dress rehearsals’, via Zoom, and we will record these performances (video only) to be used in the final performance.

Secondly, on the day itself we will be inviting everyone who wants to be involved to join us for the biggest Armed Man singalong ever – accompanied by the World Choir and World Orchestra for Peace.

How can I watch the Final Performance?

The final performance will be premiering on Facebook and Youtube

What Will Happen In The Zoom ‘Dress Rehearsals’?

Each dress rehearsal will contain a warm up, revision rehearsal and a sing-through of the respective movement. As with the rest of the project, if you don’t feel comfortable being recorded (video only) you are still welcome to join and take part and can leave your camera off. 

You’ll be singing along to the same learning tracks as you’ve used to learn your parts, and a special YouTube link for these will be shared in the Zoom Rehearsal. 

There is no dress code, but please dress for the occasion! Anything that makes you feel smart is absolutely fine – and there’s no rule about colour – your favourite top and a black concert dress are both equally welcome!


I live on the other side of the world / I work shifts, can I still join in?

It is our aim to hold the dress rehearsals at different times and on different days of the week in order to accommodate as many of you as possible. If you’re unable to be in the footage for Agnus Dei and Sanctus don’t forget that we’ll also be premiering the other three movements, so you will appear in the final performance. The Final Performance event will be available on YouTube to rewatch immediately after the Premiere.

Submission Timetable

Movement Submission Type Teaching Week Submissions Open Submissions Close
Hymn Before Action Video 1 Closed Monday 6th July 23:00 BST
Benedictus Video 2 Open now Monday 13th July 23:00 BST
Final Chorale Audio only 3 Open now Monday 20th July 23:00 BST




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How Do I Sign Up?

You can sign up right here on the website. Just hit join a project, select ‘Caledonia’ and click on ‘Get Started’.

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How Much Does It Cost

You can get involved in this project for free, or you can pay-as-you-feel. We are a small, new organisation and we receive no external funding so in order to cover our costs we have a suggested minimum donation of £10. We are grateful to VOCES8 for donating their time and expertise to the project. With your contributions we can continue to provide projects like this to our global community.